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Firm History

The Taylor Foster firm began 25 years ago when Senator Stratton Taylor, University of Oklahoma Executive Sean Burrage, longtime abstractor-turned-lawyer Toney Foster, Georgetown graduate Vani Singhal, and Harvard graduate Brad Mallett, joined together to form what became one of Oklahoma's most well-known law firms.


Burrage brought state and national law firms looking for local counsel, Foster — a wealth of property law knowledge, Singhal — a focus on product liability, and Mallett  a statewide personal injury practice.


Later, Darrell Downs brought years of experience in medical malpractice and complex litigation, Mark Ramsey left the Oklahoma Senate to develop an administrative and legislative consulting practice, and Clint Russell departed a federal judge clerkship to establish a litigation and contracts focus.


With recent arrivals Jacob Daniel, Leah Messner, and Colton Scott, the firm is regularly involved in litigation throughout the state. 


While Burrage went on to become a state senator and then a university president, and Singhal — after being a stay at home parent for a time — became an Assistant U.S. Attorney, the two still regularly stay in touch with their former colleagues.  They'll always be part of our family.


We practice in every state and federal court in Oklahoma and represent both individuals and some of the state and nation's most prominent entities in all types of civil litigation.


We're conveniently located in the Tulsa metro area and have affiliate offices located in Oklahoma City and Southeast Oklahoma. This allows us to be within one hour from virtually every courthouse in the state. We're proud to have practiced in each and every one of Oklahoma's 77 counties.

Photographed from left to right: Toney Foster, Brad Mallett, Vani Singhal, Sean Burrage, and Stratton Taylor.

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